ACT'N GO in China

The collective A Winter story in the wild jungle hotpot milk between shallow apples assembles various artistic territories and questions collaboration and multidiscipline in contemporary creation.The project will be host by the rhizome art residency in Lijiang in September 2010.
Rhizome presents Winter Story, "Act'N GO", CHINA

Performances - Installations - Videos - Meetings艺术表演-视频-装置-迎候

Winter Story presents "Act’N Go" in China,
Lijiang 2010

François Cathala, Mathilde Ganancia, Yasmine Laraqui, Benjamin Herr, Sarah Trouche
and guest chinese artists

Winter Story将在中国丽江展示”Act’N Go”

"Pourquoi Pas", Sunday, 5th of September
15h -19 h, free entrance

《何不》 将在2010年9月5日, 星期天举行展览, 免票

Art laboratory with chinese artists, 11th-15th of September


"You didn’t have to be there", Wednesday, 15th of September
18h - 00h, free entrance, Le Chef Alexandre «Buffet», 150 RMB, including drinks

《你没必要在那里的》, 将在在9月15日,星期三举行, 免票, 饮食:亚历山大的一餐桌150元

at RHIZOME - Lijiang art center

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Le collectif français Winterstory presente « Act’N go en Chine » du 2 au 15 septembre 2010 : un laboratoire d’art et 2 présentations d’artistes français et chinois.
La première présentation nommée « Pourquoi pas » aura lieu le dimanche 5 septembre à Rhizome – Lijiang art center, à Lijiang, de 15 h à 19 h. Cette présentation montrera uniquement des travaux artistiques créés durant les 48 heures du laboratoire.

Pour conclure « Act’N go en Chine », la seconde monstration « You didn’t have to be there » se déroulera le 15 septembre 2010 à Rhizome – Lijiang art center, de 18 h à 00 h, et présentera tous les artistes impliqués dans le projet pour une nuit de « laboratoire d’art ».

Winterstory est un format vivant, créée par Sarah Trouche, artiste performeuse et Benjamin Herr, architecte. Le projet « Act’N go » cherche à proposer un laboratoire artistique à des artistes de différentes disciplines et nationalités afin de découvrir, vivre et exposer ensemble à Rhizome – Lijiang art center. Ce projet invite aussi des jeunes artistes chinois-e-s à collaborer avec nous pour partager des expériences collectives et humaines. Avec ces laboratoires, workshops, conférences et expositions, nous pensons qu’un échange intensif entre différentes visions et positions artistiques est nécessaire pour permettre le contact et avoir une vision objective de la création contemporaine.



The french collective Winterstory presents « Act’N go in China » from the 2 till 15 september 2010 : an art laboratory and 2 shows of french and chinese artists .
The first show called « Pourquoi pas » will take place on the Sunday 5 september in Rhizome – Lijiang art center in Lijiang, 15 h - 19 h. This show will present only art pieces done during an 48 hours laboratory.

To conclude « Act’N go in China », a second show « You didn’t have to be there » will take place on the 15 th September in Rhizome – Lijiang art center, 18 h - 00 h, and it will present all the artists involve in the project for an evening of Art laboratory .

The Winterstory is a live format created by the live artist Sarah Trouche and the architect Benjamin Herr , the « Act’N go » project is looking to propose an artistic laboratory in China by inviting artists from different background and nationality to discover, live and show in the Rhizome art center. The project invite also young Chinese artists to collaborate with us and to share a collective and human experience . With laboratories, workshops, lectures and exhibitions, we suggest that an intensive exchange of various artistic visions and positions is necessary to actually get in contact and acquire an objective view on contemporary creation.



法国的集中性的Winterstory展示——« Act’N go in China »将由2010年9月2日到15日进行:一场艺术合作实验和两场法国和中国艺术家的展览
« Act’N go in China »结束后,第二场展览« 你没必要在那里的†» 将在丽江“藕”艺术中心,于9月15日举行,这次展览将展示所有艺术家所涉及的项目,将是一个艺术合作实验的夜晚。

Winterstory是由现仍在世的艺术家Sarah Trouche,以及古代的建筑学家Benjamin Herr创造的一种活的艺术模式,« Act’N go » 项目正在做一个艺术实验企划,就是在中国邀请来自不同背景和民族的艺术家们,来丽江“藕”艺术中心,一起发现、生活和展示艺术。这个项目同时邀请年轻的中国艺术家们来和我们合作,分享集体的,人类的一个艺术经历。为了更好地合作,创作,讲解和展览,我们建议进行集中的多种的艺术形式和定位的交流,所以相互取得联系,并了解当前艺术交流项目前景的发展状况很有必要。


In residency from September, 1st to September, 16th
Winter Story

François Cathala, Mathilde Ganancia, Yasmine Laraqui, Benjamin Herr, Sarah Trouche

Throughout collaborative artistic laboratories and public events, participating artists are lead to question the idea of an interface between all these different disciplines in the context of China

The week 1 of the research will be an open scenario that allows transformations and mutations in a constant view on the context of the creation. Special consideration will be given to artists who are seeking to explore the boundaries between local life and the environment. The research will interrogate the creation itself with the questions of the            Pourquoi pas?” interrogating the notion of experience leads by Paul Ardennes[1] and John Dewey[2] with the questions of practices that increase your knowledge and definite the art as a reaction.
the research will lead us to the second part of it called “the artist and (and) the world” questioning the contextual art[3], the art where the artist has to position himself, facing the public but also his immediate environment like his networks, his locations, and his politic historic cultural situations’ .we will questions the ideas of nomadisme and flux. The research of the sociologic Edward T Hall[4][5], Erwing Goffman[6] and Marc Augé[7] will be part of our research.

Then the last week (week 2) we will question the possibility or impossibility of representation, with “you didn’t have to be there”. This research will lead us to the memory of the art pieces through the point of view of the artist and the public. The artist like Pierre Huyghe , Rirkrit Tiravanija and the interview made at Performa 07 by Roselee Goldberg will help us to research on art memory.
the show will take place in the gallery space of the city of Lijiang

The project is an Art laboratory that will provide a residence for research and experimentation in china.

Organized event by Sarah Trouche (Winterstory)
Project: Art laboratory in China

1-16 september 2010,
Host: Rhizome chine, lijiang 674100 Yishang, Wermincun 162, CHINA

Number of participants: 10 artists






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